Get more done between meetings.

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Karen uses Verbz to quickly dictate meeting summaries, email, and task her team. She has less overflow work at night or in the morning.

Karen gets more personal time without changing her schedule.

Meet Karen.

Meet our team

Hugh Geiger

CEO. BD & Product

Matt Laurie

CTO. Engineering & Tech

Kenny Wong

BD and Ops

Dexter Zhao

Senior UX Designer

Claire Lee

UX Designer

A busy CEO.

Verbally create meeting summaries or talking points while in the car or walking to your next meeting. Say goodbye to late night catchup work!

Verbz doesn't record calls or listen to meetings. It's a personal productivity booster, just for you.

Verbz is your assistant.

Verbz is safe, secure, and private.

Delete your data anytime. 

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Verbz is fast, free, and secure.

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Share meeting highlights in seconds.

No awkward recordings.




Verbally create tasks or reminders for your team, share notes, or respond to email. Whether you're closing a deal or leading a team, you'll get more done with Verbz.

Effortlessly keep track of commitments.

 Create a task in seconds.

Just talk, and let AI do the work.

Accelerate your team.

Never lose a thing.

Do it all on the go.

Never forget a thing. Create tasks or reminders for your team in real time.

Just say what you want and who needs to do it. AI does the rest.

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